A legacy, a project

Tamaris Vosges

Tamaris Vosges

The vision of a renewal

Tamaris After two years of slumber, a surge of faith appeared in the beginning of 2017. Several Christians were convinced that the Lord wanted this site to become a place of blessing again, despite the hurdles; what’s more, that it could achieve a larger scale, in a regional and year-round dynamic.

A few months later, pastor André BATTÉ’s inheritance, pending for 13 years, was finally granted. This breakthrough was notably enabled by the benevolent perseverance of his daughter Lydie, faithful to his will. The association could therefore consider rehabilitating the site.

On the annual General Meeting in April 2018, a word of prophecy encouraged to dig again the well of water, as Isaac did.

In this biblical story, the wells dug by Abraham (Isaac’s father) were filled with earth by Abimelech’s people.
This prophecy resonated as the promise of a new momentum for this work that had been blessed for decades1.
The association took the new name Tamaris Ressource to reflect the idea, among others, of restoration, of a spring running again.

Logo de l'association Tamaris Ressource

In April 2018, 50 years after the association was founded, the General Meeting decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the Hurbache site rehabilitation. A survey² was conducted among churches and Christian organizations of Eastern France to identify their needs: the specifications of the project will meet the needs expressed by most.
If the project finds echo in the hearts of many believers, the participation of each will allow this rehabilitation work to come through.

1 After Abraham’s death, Abimelech came to the place where the tamarisk stood to make a covenant of peace, with Isaac this time. He acknowledged that the Lord was with him; and on the same day, Isaac found water in that well. (Genesis 26, 26-33).

2 In early 2018, the association conducted a regional survey among churches and Christian organizations of Eastern France, asking locals about their needs for Christian activities. The 35 answers outlined the model of a facility able to host current or new activities: it would have to accommodate up to 75 people, would be located in a place apart, for activities such as church retreats, workshops, holiday camps, festive meetings, at any time of the year, and for all age groups, from children to elders. Download a summary or the collected answers.