A legacy, a project

Tamaris Vosges

50 years after the Tamaris foundation

Renewal, in continuity

La structure actuelle

Nestled in a haven of greenery and peace, the site Tamaris Vosges has hosted holiday camps for decades.

With the ageing facilities needing renovation, a revival project was born, meeting the needs expressed by numerous Christian-inspired organizations.

it now sparks the interest of a growing number of people.

The renovated venue would host children and young people:

  • Holiday camps
  • Field trips
  • Youth meetings...
But we also want it to allow the accommodation of families and elders in this magnificent setting.

Just as a precious spring is being reborn every year, Tamaris Vosges is setting itself up - with your help - for a profound renewal, 50 years after its foundation.

An overview of the architectural design

The general outline of the rehabilitation project has already been defined, as well as the actors of the project management and execution. More details on this later.

What about the expected design?

The aim is to come up with a structure which will be relatively inexpensive, quick to build, and obviously meeting the current standards for public institutions.

The use of recycled products and local materials, such as the resinous wood of the Vosges, will be preferred as much as possible. As for the project realization, the association will call on local businesses - for the structural parts and safety elements - as well as volunteers wishing to take part in the construction.

The expected design

The structure will be lightweight and single-storied, built upon the existing very strong foundations. The new dormitories will essentially respect the present linear layout, simple and efficient.
However, a repeating framework made of successive arches will allow users to move the partitions if necessary, to change the rooms dimensions and adapt to future needs.

The long building, accessible to persons with reduced mobility, will be bordered by a passageway.
A wide span roof will protect the facades and the passageway to ensure the longevity of the building.

The initial timeline

Conception has already started: Joel, a Master student in Lyon School of Architecture, has dedicated his final-year assignment to the project. In this way, he will be able to work on it full time and for free; in addition he will be supervised in his task by a qualified architect. Depending on the progress of permits and finances, the deconstruction and reconstruction stages could start as early as 2019.

The project execution will depend on each of us: your prayers and support will be particularly helpful. Besides, if you wish to get involved in the project – even modestly – you can take part in the crowdfunding campaign, or volunteer in some of the working teams that we will set up.

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