A legacy, a project

Tamaris Vosges

Tamaris Vosges

The legacy of a blessed work

Since 1968, the association Tamaris has run Christian holiday camps on a venue located in Hurbache, a small village 15km (10 miles) away from the mountain city Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. In a haven of greenery and peace, this site named Tamaris Vosges is a place to retreat and share privileged moments.

Return “to the source”: the French pastor André BATTÉ had digged a well on his lot to supply water to the first camps. Hence Tamaris referred to the tamarisk tree that Abraham planted after recovering a well taken away by Abimelech’s servants (Genesis 21:22-33).

Tamaris au bord du puits de Beer-Schéba

The youth camps taking place there have been particularly blessed: many are those who could experience the joy of being together and encounters with God. Read about some of our testimonies in the few words left below.

Nevertheless, after decades of fruitful service, the venue had to stop operating in 2015; first for safety reasons, since there was no fire-protection water tank in the vicinity, and because some of the facilities had become inadequate regarding the latest public standards or for a more intensive use.

A third issue seemed critical: despite the site founder’s will, the association owned the facilities but not the land, because the inheritance process was stranded for administrative reasons.

Photo: Tamarisk and Beersheba well - https://leonmauldin.blog


My memories My name Year
Moments of laughter and joy with many children and teens who have grown even more with God! Coralie 2015
All these years, the camps were times of friendliness, abundantly blessed by God's presence and visitation. Christian 1998
So many great moments spent and so many blessings received in this special place! A return to the essentials I wish to everyone… Laleña 1990
Here I took my first steps, encountered God’s grace in 1987… And met my future spouse in 1990! Christophe 1987